These holiday courses are an excellent way to make new friends, to have fun and to keep busy, motivated and inspired during the Summer Holidays.  


pick 'n' mix holiday courses

means there is something for everyone!

Our Holiday Course Weeks consist of a variety of morning or afternoon Workshops.  There are a maximum of two Workshops a day (for over 7's) (a 'Workshop' being either the morning from 10am to 1pm, or in the afternoon from 1.30pm to 4.30pm).

For the 3-6 year olds we will put on a mini performance at the end of each morning.  For the over 7-14 years each Course Week culminates with Friday Show Day which is a performance of all the Workshops held that week.

For example on Course Week 1, tell us which of the shows that week you would like to perform in and, if you are 7-14, make sure you are available for the Friday of that week.  On Friday Show Day we will be adding to what you have learned during the week and we will be putting all the Workshops together so that we can perform them to family and friends at 4pm.

If you would like to book on our Summer Holiday Courses please download the form below or go to our booking page and we will contact you.

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