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In these 1 hour classes learners come together to develop a love for Acting.


Whether it be Improvisation, Scriptwork, Characterwork, Filming or Exam work, these classes are motivational, fun and rewarding.


Corinne Vallé our Principal who teaches these classes has over 35 years of experience and learners are encouraged to speak clearly, gain confidence and enjoy performing.


During the year the learners may enter LAMDA Examinations in either Speaking of Verse and Prose, Reading for Performance, Acting, Duologue Acting, Combined Acting, Mime, Devised Performance or Speaking in Public.



  •       Diction,

  •       voice control,

  •       projection,

  •       resonance and

  •       how to connect with a character to make that performance 'real'.


In addition all Speech and Drama classes join together to perform in “Upstage” which is an evening of Plays and Devised Performances.  These annual shows are always very popular and parents get to see how their child is progressing, whilst enjoying an evening of entertainment, ending with an Oscar style Awards Ceremony.

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