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fairy academy

                                                                                 . . . good toes, naughty toes and lots of fun!

Ballet Dancer

Held on Saturday mornings


Fairy academy is for pre-school children from the age of 2 to 3 years.


FAIRY FOOTSTEPS is a fun introduction to Ballet.  Children come dressed as their favourite princess, prince or fairy and bring with them their magic wand.  With the help of their parent or carer our fairies develop a love for music and dancing.  These classes are great fun and each child is made to feel special with positive encouragement.



The fairies are awarded a certificate on which they mark off stepping stones to show how much they have achieved.  


These classes are an amazing experience for both child and parent or carer.  Our fairies have fun dancing and laughing and our parents/carers watch their children develop and become independent performers and we have fun teaching them too!

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