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music  sounds better.... with you!

children singing



Do you love to sing? Our singing classes would be perfect for you!

Classes are designed to teach you all the basics and foundations of singing, whilst having fun!


Learn about:

● Good vocal technique

● Breath support

● Voice Projection

● Song interpretation – acting through song

● Singing in harmony

● How to improve as a performer.


We cover a wide range of styles, from musical theatre to the latest chart topper!


Classes consist of a variety of breathing and vocal exercises, vocal workouts and activities, ensemble singing and - if you’re brave enough - some solo-singing! You are made to feel comfortable and encouraged to explore your voice in a range of sounds and vocal styles.


We're sure that our classes will give you the confidence to sing loudly and proudly!


Child Singer
Children singing

Whether you're an experienced singer seeking to make a professional career, or a nervous beginner simply looking to develop your singing ability and confidence, private singing tuition is the best way to develop and improve your voice.  We can help you realise your potential as a singer, whether you are someone who wants to sing to the masses, or someone who wants to sing in the bath!


Singing is much more complex than people expect, but it may be something simple holding you back. Through various exercises and observation, we can identify specific areas of your voice that may need work and help you improve them. We can focus on your specific needs and goals and help you get results in a way that is difficult when singing within a group of people.


Learn about:


● Vocal mechanism

● Breathing technique

● Vocal technique

● Developing pitch awareness

● Eliminating vocal tension (Straining)

● Eliminating vocal ‘breaks’

● Improving tone quality and flexibility

● Increasing your vocal range

● Personalizing your singing style

● Audition preparation


During lessons we will work on all aspects of singing, but more importantly, on what YOU would like to get out of your voice. It may be to hit the high notes, to get rid of your stage fright or simply to be able to carry a tune! Whatever it may be, we are confident that with dedication and good practice, you will achieve a noticeable improvement in your voice and realise your potential as a singer and performer!


Lessons can be booked for duration of 30 minutes or 1 hour.


Backing tracks and song lyrics are provided, so all you'll need to bring with you, is your voice!

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