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could I just ask....

There may still be questions you need to ask.

What are your Term dates? – We have 3 terms a year which run in line with the Hertfordshire School term dates.  Dates can be found here or through ClassForKids.



What ages do you take students? – We have a variety of classes for students starting from 18 months with our Fairy Academy to adults with our Theatre Company.  Please feel free to telephone our office for advice on which classes are suitable for you.



How do I apply to join? – Please click ENROL at the top of this page which will take you to our online enrollment site.  



What are the trial classes? – New students are invited to attend a trial class before committing to the whole term, this way they can enjoy the class and we can make sure they are in the correct class for their age and ability.  This trial class is payable at the weekly rate of the class.



How can I pay for my subscription? – once you book your classes you will be able to make payments through ClassForKids, the subscription is paid monthly.



Do I have to pay if my child is absent? - Yes as your child has a reserved place in the class, any missed classes need to be paid for.



What do the students wear? – Students are expected to wear the appropriate uniform and shoes for the class they are attending.  Uniform requirements and price lists can be found on the Uniform Page and order forms are available on request from our office.  



What do we need to do if we wish to discontinue classes? -  4 weeks notice must be given in writing if a student wishes to discontinue with classes.



Are the Holiday Camps only open to Vallé Students? - No our Holiday Camps are open to anyone as long as they are the correct age and want to have some fun!



Can we watch the trial class or classes our children are in? - It can be distracting for the present students when new parents actually sit in the class, and it may inhibit the child whose parents are in the room, however each classroom has a window that you can look in through to see how they are getting on.  Just ask one of the office staff and they will take you to the correct studio.



Is there a waiting room?  - Due to COVID restrictions, there is no waiting room at present at our studios.  Lea Valley Park is only a short walk from our studio which means you could have a healthy walk in beautiful countryside whilst your child is in class if you wish.



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