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The Valle Academy Studios...


The Vallé Studio Theatre

The Vallé Studio theatre is perfect for smaller theatre performances - fringe style.


Seating for 60

Blackout curtains surround the studio

Sound system

Stage lighting and

Stage blocks.

Dimensions:  43ft x 24ft                                                       Price on application

Studio 1

The Vallé Studio theatre coverts to a purpose built studio.


Harlequin Dance Floor

Full length wall-to-wall mirrors on two sides

Dividing wooden shutters (creating 2 studios if needed)

Sound equipment and

Ballet barres

Dimensions:  43ft x 24ft                                                       Price on application

Large Dance (4)s.JPG
Small Dance (2)s.JPG

Studio 2

This bright and airy studio is perfect for drama and singing classes, auditions, small meetings or can be used as a photographic studio.


Weighted keyboard

Ballet Barres

One fixed and one mirror on wheels and

Sound equipment

Dimensions:  16ft x 28ft                                                       Price on application

Sunshine Room

The Sunshine Room is a perfect singing or drama studio


Sound system

Fully weighted electric piano

White board (with projection if required)

Music stands and

Mic Stands

Dimensions:  17ft x 20ft                                                       Price on application

Green Room (3).JPG

The Green Room

A great waiting room or studio


Seating for 40



Sound equipment and

Free wi-fi access.

Dimensions:  20ft x 20ft                                                       Price on application

These are the details of The Vallé Studios which are available for hire when not in use for our class timetable as follows:

Weekdays during term time: 10am to 3pm

Weekdays during the holidays:  10am to 6pm

Saturdays and holidays: 10am to 8pm and

Sundays and holidays: 10am to 8pm

(During the weekend there is a minimum hire of 2 hours.)

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