We follow an ISTD syllabus for ballet, and all students will be encouraged to take the appropriate examinations to progress with their training.


We also run 'free' ballet, pointe,and adult ballet classes which are not examination based and work on technique without exams.


In addition we run pre-examination classes for younger students on Fridays.


Plus our wonderful 


As ballet provides the foundation for so many dance styles it is essential training for anyone wishing to pursue a career in dance.


Ballet teaches

  • complete body awareness

  • good and healthy posture

  • strength

  • flexibility

  • musicality

  • spacial awareness

  • stamina and

  • co-ordination, to name but a few!


It is also social, with students during show terms working with others to create a performance piece. Anyone who has been to see a ballet will understand the joy, the grace, and ease, dancers display; and those who haven't, may well find a ballet passion for life...!!!