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Our street dance classes are designed to give fun-filled lesson where you will learn to let go and express yourself to your favourite chart music whether it’s new or old. We will help you to understand rhythm, coordination and will teach basic to more challenging moves and grooves. Everything you learn will put into energetic dance routines which will be rehearsed so you can perform them with attitude and confidence.


Throughout the classes you will learn;

  • Dance Technique

  • Core strengthening exercises

  • A range of different styles of dance

  • Performance Skills

  • Confidence


Street dance is used to describe many styles of dance from Hip-Hop to House to Locking and Popping to Wacking. In this class we mainly focus on Commercial dance which merges these different styles of dance into one. Other styles such as Jazz, Ballet and Ballroom can also be thrown into the mix, dancing to latest pop, R&B and chart music. A lot of what you see in music videos and concerts is classed as Commercial Dance.


Not only will you learn how to strut your stuff like a true professional but these classes are also great for getting fit and boosting your self-confidence. 


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