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Beginners Ballet -

    Friday 4.00-4.30pm (3-6 years)

    Friday 4.35-5.05pm (3-6 years)

    Saturday 1.30-2.00pm (3-6 years)

    Saturday 2.00-2.30pm (3-6 years)

Pre-Primary Ballet -

    Friday 4.00-4.30 (5-6 years)

A perfect introduction to the world of Ballet, in a fun, caring and creative class for 3 to 6 year olds.  Starting with Beginners Ballet and progressing to Pre-Primary once they are ready to take their ISTD Ballet exam, these classes encourage co-ordination, the beginnings for ballet vocabulary and a chance to become a beautiful ballerina.

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Beginners Tap -

    Friday 4.35-5.05 (3-6 years)

Pre-Primary - 

   Friday 4.35-5.05 (3-6 years)

This is a fun, noisy class that the students adore.  Our little ones learn the basic skills and language of Tap, whilst performing short dances and corner work and with an opportunity to take ISTD Pre-Primary Tap Exams once they are ready, should they wish to.



    Friday 5.10-5.40pm (3-6 years)

Learn fun dances to the latest pop songs. 


A great introduction to commercial street dance, these classes are very popular and help children with co-ordination and rhythm in a fun and motivating class.